San Fransisco Florist Blossoms Anew with Marigold Café

Playing Leaderboard, the Arcade-Inspired Coffee Game

We sat down to try the newest version of the game—a fun opportunity to learn more about coffee while vying for cool coffee prizes.  BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos by Tanya Nanetti I’ve never been much into video games, except for the classic arcade games of my youth.   Growing up in the ‘80s meant […]

Is the World Barista Championship too exclusive & expensive for competitors?

There are a number of competitions in specialty coffee designed to test the skills and knowledge of industry professionals. However, many consider the World Barista Championship (WBC) to be one of the most esteemed and highly regarded events, acting as a platform to showcase excellence in the barista profession. There are many reasons to celebrate […]

Know Your Sweeteners: Honey: Part One

Not all sweeteners are made equal! In this series, we’ll take a closer look at different types of sweeteners and syrups—starting with honey. BY EMILY JOY MENESESBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo by Arwin Neil Baichoo via Unsplash Though you can’t go wrong with simple syrup or the tried-and-true vanilla, there are many options when it […]

Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

The popular hand grinder has more to offer with a new line of tools and accessories now available. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Feature photo by Tanya Nanetti To brew the perfect cup of coffee, it’s important to choose the right coffee equipment. One essential is a reliable coffee grinder. Most coffee lovers start with a […]

San Fransisco Florist Blossoms Anew with Marigold Café

San Fransisco Florist Blossoms Anew with Marigold Café

Coffee beans from Costco

I’ve bought the espresso blend by Kirkland and I don’t hate it. Just wanted other’s thoughts on whole beans from Costco? If you have a preference. submitted by /u/runningiswhatido [link] [comments]

Budget espresso setup

I finally made the plunge this weekend! How did I do? Got these for a total of $500 on Facebook marketplace, and they threw in a set of springs for the gaggia and the bottemless filter. Grinder is ascaso I-mini, it’s a perfect size because of the limited space in my...

Inexplicably haunted by Sour Coffee

For the past year I have been attempting to fix a constant weird sourness in my cup. I have tried different brewers (French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso machine [cheap]), each producing sour, over acidic coffee. I have tried different beans and roasts. Whole bean and pre...

Coffee Shop to buy or not to buy

So I have the opportunity to buy an existing coffee shop. It's a coffee shop that's been going for 10+ years, constantly filled with people, and most importantly great coffee. I will be getting access to financials in the next couple of weeks and hopefully,...

Convention Booth questions

I have an opportunity to have a booth at a local coffee festival! We are extremely excited about this, because we are small business and we could really use the visibility. This being my first time running a booth I’m a little nervous. So I’m wondering has anyone ever...

Cafe Culture Around the World

I recently read somewhere that much of the cafes in Seoul are very much style over substance (meaning they invest more in interior aesthetics than the quality of their brews) as opposed to somewhere like Berlin where I have heard mostly positive things from both...

Drying out Coffee overnight, worth it?

Every time my mother gets a new bag of coffee beans, the first thing she does is get some paper towels and lay out all the beans between 2 large sets of paper towels overnight. Next morning, there's clearly oil absorbed by the beans and they look less oily....

macchiato confusion

Hello! My apologies if this question is dumb. So I was under the impression that a macchiato was a shot of espresso “marked” with a dollop of milk: thus very small in a little espresso cup. Have people changed the meaning of this beverage? I keep seeing people showing...

San Fransisco Florist Blossoms Anew with Marigold Café

Marigold Cafe San Francisco espresso coffee

After establishing itself as a boutique florist since 2018, San Francisco-based Marigold has come into bloom once more, launching the Marigold Café. Marigold Co-Owners Aubriana Kasper and Gena Banducci told…

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