Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

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Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

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Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

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Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

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Fellow Ode Gen 2 vs Comandante C40 for pourover, a hobbyist’s comparison

About a year ago we compared a Mignon and a Niche for espresso. As we clearly preferred the flat burrs for espresso we recently bought a Fellow Ode Gen 2 to compare to the Comandante C40, which we exclusively used for the last few years for pourovers.

Compared to espresso, we feel the differences between coffees are more subtle with pourovers and we feel the same for the difference between the two grinders. That said, we find the Ode2 to give sweeter, slightly more acidic cups and so it's often easier to taste all the aromas. We mostly preferred the Ode over a wide range of coffees and recipes. However, there are some recipes, that are tuned to the Comandante, like Tetsu's Switch, which is rather boring with the Ode. Also, the Ode2 might be a little more forgiving: I feel I had less clogging and no subtly bitter cup yet, while with the Comandante that still happens from time to time and was very common until it was seasoned. I did not yet notice effects from seasoning the Ode, but I was constantly changing coffee and methods.

Going from a cheap ceramic grinder to the Comandante was a huge improvement, but a coffee that is boring or unpleasant ground with the Comandante will still be the same ground with the Ode. Method or water make a larger difference. I personally wouldn't get the Ode just for the taste, while I absolutely would replace a Niche with a Mignon for Espresso.

However, I was surprised by how big the difference in workflow feels. I rarely brew the same recipe twice in a row, and setting the Comandante and grinding takes a few moments, which I'd rather spend drinking the coffee or sleeping. The Ode is set instantly, grinds much faster and you can do something else in the meantime, like rinsing the filter, that's a big plus for me. On the other hand I have great memories drinking tasty AeroPress coffee in the outdoors or while traveling and that's something only a hand grinder can give you 🙂 Nowadays there would be cheater and more compact alternatives, on the other hand the Comandante is the de facto standard and many recipes are tuned to it, making it nice to have.

If you have both and want to adapt recipes, see /r/JamesHoffmann/comments/yb2jea/translation_of_comandante_c40_clicks_to_ode_v2/.

TLDR; How the taste changes is what we expected, but the change is rather small. However, it turns out I much prefer the handling of an electric grinder and I also really enjoy the possibilities that a hand grinder gives me outside of home, so I kept both 🙂

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