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Nestled in the heart of Tanzania’s Southern Highlands, the Mwangoka Farm, overseen by the Grivas family, stands as a testament to the rich coffee heritage of the region. This farm not only embodies the essence of single-origin Tanzania coffee but also represents a commitment to quality, sustainability, and community that sets it apart as a jewel in the global coffee landscape.

Deep Roots in Tanzanian Soil

The Mwangoka Farm is situated at an impressive altitude of 1980 meters above sea level, near the Mbozi meteorite, discovered in the 1930s. This location is pivotal, offering a unique microclimate that is ideal for coffee cultivation. The farm spans 400 hectares, a significant portion of which is dedicated to Bourbon and compact coffee varieties. These varieties are known for their superior quality and flavor profiles, making them highly sought after by coffee connoisseurs worldwide.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

The Grivas family acquired the GDM Farm in 2000, with Richard Grivas, the son of the estate’s founder, now at the helm. Richard’s vision extends beyond merely producing coffee; he aims to innovate and elevate the coffee quality through unusual processing methods, particularly the natural or dry process. This method is relatively rare in Tanzania but allows for a fuller expression of the coffee’s flavor profile, resulting in a product that is distinct and memorable​​.

The Art of Coffee Processing

At Mwangoka Farm, the coffee cherries undergo a meticulous process to ensure the highest quality. Cherries are hand-picked and sorted for ripeness before being dried on raised beds for about 21 days. This attention to detail during the drying process is crucial, as it affects the beans’ flavor and quality. The farm also houses a dry mill for further processing, underscoring the comprehensive care and oversight that goes into every batch of coffee produced​​​​.

Exceptional Flavor Profiles

The coffee from Mwangoka Farm is renowned for its exceptional flavor profiles. The 2023 batch, for example, features notes of raspberry, honey, star fruit, and black tea, with a medium body and acidity. The 2024 batch introduces a palette of tropical fruit, strawberry, brown sugar, clementine, and tea-like notes, with a light body and mild acidity. These flavors are a direct reflection of the farm’s innovative natural processing methods and the unique terroir of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands​​​​.

A Model of Sustainability

The Mwangoka Farm’s approach to coffee production serves as a model of sustainability. By employing disease-resistant, high-yielding coffee varieties and focusing on environmentally friendly processing methods, the farm ensures the sustainability of its operations while contributing to the local community. The farm employs over 200 seasonal workers and supports local smallholders, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility and community development​​.

The single-origin Tanzania coffee bean from Mwangoka Farm is not just a product; it’s a symbol of excellence, sustainability, and community. The Grivas family’s dedication to quality, combined with the farm’s unique processing methods and the distinctive Tanzanian terroir, produces a coffee that is unmatched in flavor and quality. For those seeking an extraordinary coffee experience, Mwangoka Farm’s offerings are a testament to the rich coffee culture of Tanzania and a beacon of excellence in the global coffee community.

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