Micro-Batch Roasting

Micro-batch roasted coffee is considered by many to be the best-tasting type of coffee available. The process brings out the best characteristics of our specialty berries. This infuses the coffee beans with intense flavor, smoother taste, and a higher quality product. The result is a richness of flavor and a quality that cannot be matched by many traditional, store brought brands. What Is Micro Batch Roasted Coffee? Micro-batch roasted coffee is coffee that is roasted in small batches to exact berry specifications. The batches of coffee are generally less than three pounds, versus the hundreds of pounds roasted in each batch in commercial factories. The entire roasting process is overseen by Mick and Courtney.

Once the berries are roasted to a medium-dark past the first crack, the beans are tossed in the air to cool.

Our micro-roastery is not a factory and does not rely on a multitude of expensive machines and automation. In fact, the entire roasting process is overseen by one skilled roastmaster to ensure that the coffee is roasted to perfection. By hand roasting, we use our five senses to detect when the coffee beans are perfectly roasted. We know which coffee beans are best for micro-roasting and how these coffee beans should be roasted to bring out the full flavor of the coffee. Once you try out one of our micro-batch roasted blends, we promise it will be very difficult to return to a typical store-bought brand.

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