How much do you over-extract coffee in recipes?

How much do you over-extract coffee in recipes?

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How much do you over-extract coffee in recipes?

This is sort of an odd question, but it's not a troll.

While I love brewing specialty coffee, I also enjoy frappes (with or without ice cream). A major hurdle when using my espresso has been that while the final beverage tastes fine, the coffee is just too high quality–in a chocolate frappe, I really do not want the taste of berries/apricot/whatever from the coffee, I'd rather have it add a bitterness that the other sugary ingredients balance out. On the other hand, not adding the coffee at all makes it far too sweet and reduces the complexity of the flavor.

The obvious way from my perspective is to simply over-extract the coffee, but surely there are limits to how much is bearable, and at least with espresso, there's also the consideration of the machine choking if the grind is too fine.

So my question is: when you need to use coffee in other recipes and need some bitterness, how much, and how, do you over-extract it?

Aside: I feel like I might get a lot of replies about simply using stale coffee, but I've found that our definition of stale (a few months old) is just not stale enough–yes, the espresso straight will taste bad, but used in a frappe, the origin notes still come through.

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