Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

Hawaiian Legislators Introduce Bills for Stricter Coffee Labeling

Legislators representing the Kona district of Hawaii have introduced a series of bills that would require more strict labeling requirements for single-origin coffees and blends containing Hawaiian-grown coffees. Some Kona…

Breaking New Ground: A Sicilian Coffee Plantation, Part One

The impacts of climate change are starting to be felt in Sicily, but while they’re causing problems, the rising temperatures are also bringing new opportunities. BY JOSEPH PHELANSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured image courtesy of Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash The Sicilian love affair with coffee is known the world over. Sicily, the largest of […]

Girlsplaining Workshop Unites Women in Coffee in Quito, Ecuador

Meet Camila Khalifé, the brains behind Girlsplaining, a unique coffee learning experience with an emphasis on creating space for women in the industry. BY JORDAN BUCHANANSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE Photos courtesy of Camila Khalifé Men may hold most of the positions of authority and teaching roles within the specialty-coffee industry, but Camila Khalifé, the owner […]

Conflict in the Red Sea: Why coffee roasters need to prepare for shipping delays

Like many other industries, conditions in the coffee supply chain can change quickly, and in turn, have a huge impact on all actors and stakeholders. Price volatility is one of the more pertinent – which is influenced by many factors. These include fluctuations in supply and demand, extreme or unexpected weather events, global economic downturn, […]

Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

minimum dose size?

I use the Hario switch to brew my coffee and am trying to reduce my caffeine consumption. Hence I would like to brew smaller cups of coffee. I am currently using 10g of coffee with 160g of water. (1:16 Ratio) I am wondering if there is a minimum amount of coffee...

Explain making good coffee to me like I’m 5.

Hi everyone,

I’m not new to drinking coffee, but I’d like to start making it (well) at home myself.

I’m totally clueless.

I have an old Keurig that I rarely use, as well as a basic Mr. Coffee maker. Usually I buy dark roast ground coffee (I do like a good, strong cup of black coffee).

But as far as my coffee making experience goes, this is the only knowledge I have. I don’t know how to buy my own beans, how to ground them, press them… all that jazz. It’s completely foreign to me.

So please, fellow redditors: how do I get started making good coffee at home, for not much extra cost? I understand that I’ll have to buy some equipment but I’m not looking to go all out. Just the basics for a damn good cup of coffee. I’ve looked into the Aeropress but would not know what to do with it.

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