Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

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Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

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Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

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Questions/thoughts on cardamom-forward "thermal shock" processed coffees.

Hey everyone,

Having a cup of Buttercream from September roasters and got to thinking. This is the second thermal-shock processed coffee I have had with this huge, distinctive cardamom note (The other being DAK milky cake which is also from Colombia, but from a different grower) so I thought I look into other examples of thermal-shock processed coffee and find out where this note is coming from:

Solely process?Terroir?Combination?

Now I want to add that I was already a bit skeptical of this distinct flavor only coming from the aforementioned variables. I worked most of my life in high end cocktails bars and spent a lot of time learning about various beverages and in that career I learned one mistake a lot of young gin brands tend to make: they use too much cardamom and end up with cardmom-vodka with a juniper accent. Same with any cocktails involving cardamom. Cardamom is a big bully in drinks, just a tiny bit can absolutely overwhelm everything.

Then I found this description of "Cardamomo – Thermal Shock Washed Colombia" from Moxie roasters that is from the same grower of the September I'm drinking right now (Diego Bermudez):

"From there, they undergo a 12-hour anaerobic fermentation, are pulped, and then introduced to cardamom seeds with yeasts. The cherries are then pulped and thermal shock washed to fix a greater amount of precursors and seal the coffee for a good drying process…."

So are all of these just…flavored in a more "subtle" way? This seems dishonest. I understand that yeasts that grow on different fruits can produce flavors of those fruits but it's normally very subtle. These coffees are not that subtle on the cardamom. I still enjoy them, I wouldn't call them cardamom "bombs" per se, but it is very much there. So I'm wondering:

Do all of these just have cardamom seeds added?Is there a chance I'm wrong and it is just a yeast thing? Perhaps Diego is making batches with cardamom seeds added, and others with yeast propagated from cardamom seeds to others? Maybe the cardamom note in such a yeast would not be as subtle as I would expect? Or maybe they are all just using cardamom and not telling anyone in which case, who is being dishonest? Do all of these roasters know and some just opt not to tell us?

Curious what everyone thinks

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