Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

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Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

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Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

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Brewing at Home and on the Road with Wilford Lamastus Jr.

We talk to the multi-time Panama Brewers Cup champion about his brewing preferences.


Photos courtesy of Wilford Lamastus

Coffee professionals tend to spend most of their days brewing coffee. It can be an espresso shot pulled for a customer or a cupping to check out a new roaster to choose for the shop. Or maybe it’s a V60 brewed to post a story on social media. But what about when they’re not at work? What are their coffee habits when at home? Do these habits change when they travel? 

Wilford agitates coffee brewing in a vacuum coffee maker. He is using a wooden whisk.
Wilford has won multiple Brewers Cup competitions; he’s also a coffee producer who grew a coffee valued at a record 98 points.

Meet Wilford Lamastus, Jr.

Wilford Lamastus, Jr., the multi-time Brewers Cup champ from Boquete, Panama, is a famous coffee producer at Lamastus Family Estates. He’s also the owner of Sisu Coffee Studio, a specialty-coffee micro-roaster based in Panama City. We checked in with Wilford to learn about his coffee habits. 

“When I’m at home, I brew every morning using a Groove Coffee Dripper, a cone method similar to Timemore or Hario,” Wilford says. He confides that when he’s in his own city, he mostly drinks coffee at home. But he also loves going out for coffee. 

“I mainly go to my own coffee shop, but I also visit different coffee shops in my city, places that strictly deal with specialty coffee,” he says.  

And here, his usual order is always the same: a pourover. 

Wilford pours coffee into a cupping vessel at a competition as judges look on. He is wearing a khaki apron.
Although he most often drinks coffee at home, Wilford enjoys trying specialty coffees abroad.

Wilford on the Road

To keep up with his habit of constantly brewing coffee, Wilford can’t help but bring his own coffee gear when visiting family and friends or simply traveling. Wilford recently told the ”Eat Drink Sleep Repeat” podcast that some of his favorite cities to visit include Taipei, Taiwan and Melbourne, Australia.

“I have a travel brewer called Pakt,” he shares. “Basically, Pakt is a compact brewing gadget that includes a water kettle, a stainless-steel brew dripper, and a practical coffee thermos/travel mug. And of course, I also bring my own scale and hand grinder everywhere. And I also bring coffee around.”

Exploring the Coffee Scene

But traveling isn’t just about brewing coffee; it’s also about visiting new coffee places. 

“Now most of my trips (probably 80%) are work-related, so when I travel, I always visit clients who own coffee shops or roasters. In any case, before leaving, I always look online to check the specialty coffee situation that I’ll find at the destination… (but) I always also bring my own coffee stuff,” he says.

Wilford checks a recipe on his phone while cupping numerous coffees on a table. He has a close beard and white tshirt on.
Wilford often relies on a travel brewer called Pakt for coffee while on the road.

As a final suggestion on the best way to drink and brew coffee while traveling, Wilford has one piece of advice to share.

“Search for Pakt, and you won’t regret it.” 


Tanya Nanetti (she/her) is a specialty-coffee barista, a traveler, and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some hidden corner of the world), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.

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