Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

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Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

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Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

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Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

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Test Drive: Update Your Grinding With More Comandante Grinder Accessories

The popular hand grinder has more to offer with a new line of tools and accessories now available.


Feature photo by Tanya Nanetti

To brew the perfect cup of coffee, it’s important to choose the right coffee equipment. One essential is a reliable coffee grinder. Most coffee lovers start with a simple and affordable grinder. But we often eventually move on to a more professional (and expensive) model, whether manual or automatic. 

Among manual grinders, the Comandante is often awarded as one of the best. It’s handmade in Germany, and easy to calibrate thanks to the practical click counter, which allows you to replicate a recipe and share it with friends. And with its elegant design and multiple colors to choose from, it’s easy to see why the Comandante has become so recognizable. 

A hand holds up a wooden Comandante grinder. It has a large wooden knob on a long metal arm at the top, a wooden middle, and a clear glass bottom. In the background is a dirt trail leading into an evergreen forest.
A Comandante manual grinder in the wild. Photo by Josh Taves.

A good product must not only work well at the time of purchase, but it also must be reliable and efficient in the long-term. Contrary to the many products created on purpose with programmed obsolescence, the Comandante grinder is created to endure. Built with high-quality materials, the goal is that your grinder will last a lifetime.

We’ve previously covered some of Comandante’s accessories, but today we’re looking at some additional tools the company has released. These should help keep your grinder in tip-top shape and ensure that your Comandante lasts for years to come. 

The travel bag inside its cardboard packaging. There is a detailed card with a diagram explaining what the inner pockets are for, and the plain back of the black bag is visible.
Unboxing the C40 Travel Bag. Photo by Tanya Nanetti.

C40 Travel Bag

The perfect companion for traveling with your Comandante, the C40 Travel Bag is the definitive accessory for all your adventures. Specifically designed to store the grinder complete with its crank and two spare bean jars (or, if you prefer, a coffee bag), it can also contain tools like brushes and cupping spoons, thanks to the functional pockets.

Inside the travel bag. There are two rounded pockets to hold the hold the grinder and a bag of coffee. There is a loop with a button snap closure to hold the handle. On the other side, a flat pocket for holding a spoon or other small objects. The bag is closed with a a wraparound zipper.
The C40 Travel Bag folds in half when unzipped for easy access to the functional pockets. Photo by Tanya Nanetti.

Light and soft, but at the same time made of tough cotton, the travel bag is just the right size for your hand luggage, or for your camping backpack. Just store your grinder and the coffee you’ll need, and everything will be perfect for the next trip! 

The front of the travel bag. It has leather handles and a debossed leather Comandante logo patch. The logo is a shield with wings on the side. The shield holds three gears, as if from a clock.
The C40 bag design is minimalistic and functional. Photo by Tanya Nanetti.

Felt Cover

Developed for the protection of the Comandante, the felt “sleeve” is UV light-resistant, air-permeable, and dirt-repellent. It’s perfect for insulating the grinder from excessive temperatures, thanks to its elastic structure (made of 100% fine Merino sheep wool). The cover adheres perfectly to your Comandante, protecting it from accidental scratches, bumps, and abrasions.  

Barista Brushes

Made of wood and natural hair, the Comandante brushes come in different shapes and sizes to best clean not only the different parts of the grinder and the coffee jars, but also to keep the coffee work station tidy. Furthermore, an additional stainless-steel brush is specially made to properly clean the grinder’s metal parts.

Inside the burr care fluid box. There is a glass bottle with a screw on lid, a flat wooden bristle brush, and a cleaning cloth.
Protecting the burrs on your grinder will ensure fluid motion and upkeep of the grinder. Photo by Tanya Nanetti.

Burr Care Fluid Set

Consisting of a Burr Care Fluid bottle, one soft cotton cloth, and a stainless-steel brush, this set is perfect for polishing the burrs and stainless-steel parts of the Comandante. You just need to apply a small amount of oil to the cloth and rub it onto the desired steel surface, using the included brush to clean the steel surface and remove any oxidizing residue. 

Wood Care Balm Set

This set (with balm, cloth, and brush) is perfect for those with a wooden grinder. Simply rub a small amount of the balm onto the wooden surface using the cotton cloth, continuing to reapply the balm until the wood no longer absorbs it. Let the wood rest for a few minutes, then polish it with the included cotton cloth. 


Tanya Nanetti (she/her) is a specialty-coffee barista, a traveler, and a dreamer. When she’s not behind the coffee machine (or visiting some hidden corner of the world), she’s busy writing for Coffee Insurrection, a website about specialty coffee that she’s creating along with her boyfriend.

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