Coffee Machine (High density use)

Design Details: A Petit Le Café Coffee in Midtown Manhattan

Welcome to Design Details, an ongoing editorial feature in Daily Coffee News focused on individual examples of coffee shop architecture, interior design, packaging design or branding. If you are a coffee…

Know Your Sweeteners: Honey: Part One

Not all sweeteners are made equal! In this series, we’ll take a closer look at different types of sweeteners and syrups—starting with honey. BY EMILY JOY MENESESBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Featured photo by Arwin Neil Baichoo via Unsplash Though you can’t go wrong with simple syrup or the tried-and-true vanilla, there are many options when it […]

Understanding the Process: Carbonic Maceration

Continuing our series on coffee processing, we learn about carbonic maceration—a unique, newer processing method. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Cafe Imports Editor’s note: Check out more entries in our “Understanding the Process“ series here. The rise of the specialty-coffee scene has helped many people understand that talking about coffee as something […]

María Andrée Is Honing Olfactory Skills in Antigua 

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Coffee Machine (High density use)

Coffee Machine (High density use)

Fruity coffee

I recently visited a coffee plantation and bought a bag there. They sold their bags there with labels on how the bean was processed. This “Natural” processed coffee is incredible. It’s fruity. It doesn’t have that like signature “burnt” flavor coffee has. It almost...

Different espresso recipe?

I work at a cafe where they are using a dark roast blend and they are pulling 32g from a 18g dose for espresso. Strangely however, they pull it in 6 seconds instead of the usual 20s-30s. I’m not sure why they don’t use the standard recipe and am too afraid to ask...

Drip Coffee – Does the machine matter?

Hello, Everyone! I am in a bit of a predicament and would like some guidance. For context - I am still an amateur coffee guy. I have begun to dabble in the coffee world and am slowly building my knowledge. A few years back, I began to explore quality coffee and get...

UK coffee bean recommendations

Hi. Can anyone recommend some companies that do speciality beans. I’ve tried a fair few but I like to rotate and try something new. Here’s a few I’ve tried, some do really good coffee, some I thought were just ok: - Hasbean - Horsham - Perky Blenders - North Star -...

Coffee beans from Costco

I’ve bought the espresso blend by Kirkland and I don’t hate it. Just wanted other’s thoughts on whole beans from Costco? If you have a preference. submitted by /u/runningiswhatido [link] [comments]

Coffee Machine (High density use)

Hi everyone, i am new in this coffee world and i am looking to buy me a coffee machine to setup a small business.

I am looking for affordable machine that is good for high density use. Im open for any recommendation and opinion. Thank you guys!

Here is what ive found so far :

  1. Profitec Pro GO Espresso Machine
  2. Lelit Mara X V2 (PL62X) Espresso Machine
  3. Stone Espresso Machine
  4. ECM Puristika Espresso Machine

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