Espro great until I needed replacement filter ☹️

The First Women-Only Coffee Championships Held in Costa Rica

Feria del Café Frailes seeks to increase the gender diversity of coffee competitions. BY SUNGHEE TARKSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Cover photo by Sunghee Tark The coffee industry has come a long way in the past 20 years, with innovations happening in many parts of the world and in different links of the supply chain. […]

New AFCA Director Gilbert Gatali on the 20th African Fine Coffees Conference

As the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) prepares for the 20th iteration of its flagship event, the African Fine Coffees Conference and Exhibition, the group is operating under new executive…

Interest in coffee & health is rising – what do consumers need to know?

There is a wealth of scientific research available about the many health benefits of coffee – as well as the undesirable side effects of drinking too much. But like all fields of science, research about the impact of drinking coffee on human health is ever-changing as we uncover new findings.  Interestingly, the continuous discovery of […]

Understanding the Process: Carbonic Maceration

Continuing our series on coffee processing, we learn about carbonic maceration—a unique, newer processing method. BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Cafe Imports Editor’s note: Check out more entries in our “Understanding the Process“ series here. The rise of the specialty-coffee scene has helped many people understand that talking about coffee as something […]

Espro great until I needed replacement filter ☹️

PRF El Salvador announces speakers and panellists

Following a call for applications in October 2022, Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) has announced its first speakers and panellists for PRF El Salvador. The two-day forum will be held on 16 and 17 March 2023 at the Salamanca Exhibition Centre in San Salvador. The event is set to return to El Salvador after it […]

An In-Depth Look at Gruppo Cimbali’s Coffee Technician Wheel

The Coffee Technician Wheel is a new tool that helps technicians understand the complexity of coffee extraction. BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of Edgardo Ferrero and Espresso Academy Coffee technicians are responsible for a complex set of tasks related to the production and extraction of coffee. They manage customer requests and need to […]

3 Elements Coffee: Supporting Veterans, One Cup at a Time  

The Australian roasting company helps to create opportunities for veteran communities.  BY VASILEIA FANARIOTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos courtesy of 3 Elements Coffee  Brisbane, Australia-based 3 Elements Coffee, founded by Navy veteran Terry McNally in 2016, has a mission to support the transition of ex-military personnel into the commercial workspace. To help achieve their goal and raise […]

Playing Leaderboard, the Arcade-Inspired Coffee Game

We sat down to try the newest version of the game—a fun opportunity to learn more about coffee while vying for cool coffee prizes.  BY TANYA NANETTISENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos by Tanya Nanetti I’ve never been much into video games, except for the classic arcade games of my youth.   Growing up in the ‘80s meant […]

Espro great until I needed replacement filter ☹️

Espro great until I needed replacement filter ☹️

minimum dose size?

I use the Hario switch to brew my coffee and am trying to reduce my caffeine consumption. Hence I would like to brew smaller cups of coffee. I am currently using 10g of coffee with 160g of water. (1:16 Ratio) I am wondering if there is a minimum amount of coffee...

4 Cool Cafés to Try Out in Kuala Lumpur

The Malaysian capital is often visited in a hurry, but visitors who take the time to explore will discover a welcoming city, thanks in part to its friendly specialty cafés. BY TANYA NANETTI SENIOR ONLINE CORRESPONDENT Photos by Tanya Nanetti Kuala Lumpur, the capital...

Espro great until I needed replacement filter ☹️

I've had an Espro P7 for nearly four years after seeing glowing praise on this sub (to which I later contributed). Before I bought the P7 I looked at the replacement parts available and they seemed like a solid company in that they sold e.g. replacement filters for a reasonable price.

Recently, the silicone/rubber seal on the micro-filter assembly degraded and began letting fines through. Also the assembly's two constituent filters often become separated when removing them because the plastic joint that holds them together also degraded.

I went to buy a new micro-filter assemly (~$20) and see they are sold out of my size (and of one other size) Every other site I can find that carries the replacement (Sur la Table, Walmart, Amazon, etc etc) is also sold out (save for a spare parts site that only ships to Canada).

And yet they clearly can make these filters as they have plenty of new P7 press pots available for $150.

I've written them asking when more will be back in stock. Will update if/when I manage to ever get one. But feels like they are prioritizing new inventory and luring in new customers over serving existing ones, at least at the moment. (Does anyone know how often this part sells out, if it regularly comes back in stock, etc?)

Espro's two cofounders have both left the company, by the way, after it was acquired by Regal Ware in October. The company is not picking up their phone at the listed customer service number.

I also wonder if the reason they are sold out is the prevalence of this sort of wear.

(Speaking of spare parts issues at Espro, they are also out of their filter cleaning powder but I managed to work around this by finding the constituent chemicals listed in their FAQ and ordering those independently from the company.)

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