Alternative Ways of Brewing Coffee

Alternative Ways of Brewing Coffee

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Alternative Ways of Brewing Coffee

Alternative Ways of Brewing Coffee

Alternative Ways of Brewing Coffee


As a result of the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, a number of alternative coffee brewing methods naturally come to light, on the merit that they produce the best strong, dark coffee. While there are indeed quite a number of different alternative ways to brew coffee, three methods stand out from the rest, simply because of the quality of the flavor they produce. These methods include the French Press, Aero Press and Pour Over (a personal favorite of many of the staunchest of coffee heads).

1. The French Press

The French Press method, which makes use of a French Press (or Press Pot), is not only about the rich taste produced but also about the experience of making the coffee. The grind used is a medium-to-coarse one, and the process is dependent on water temperature and grind that operates between percolator and dip to create what many deem the perfect cup of coffee. 

2. The Aero Press

The Aero Press method plays on a balance between finely ground and coarse grains, with a finer grind acting as a control for sourness, while a coarser grind directly impacts the bitterness of the taste. The secret to the unique taste resides in the use of an Aero Press scoop and filters.

3. The Pour Over

The Pour Over method of brewing coffee is just about as good as it gets—if one requires some of the strongest coffee they’ll ever taste, with the technique entailing a thoroughly rinsed filter that lets all the flavor pass through. Slow pouring is key to unlocking all the flavor, used in conjunction with well-filtered water and a quality grind of about 60 grams. 

So for the real coffee enthusiasts out there, it might be time to move that drip coffee maker over and out of the way. Instead of just reaching for “Ol’ Reliable” every time, try exploring other brewing methods to achieve maximum perfection for your tasty, bold, smooth cup of coffee with an extra kick of caffeine.

[Featured Image Credit: Tyler Nix via Unsplash]


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